How to clean headspace chromatography vial(2)?

How to clean headspace chromatography vial(2)?

Dec. 19th, 2019

B.Methanol and ultrasonic cleaning

1. Soak with methanol and wash it by ultrasound for 20 minutes, Then pour off methanol from Sample Headspace Vial.
2. Fill the sample headspace vial with water and clean it with ultrasound for 20 minutes, then drain the water.
3. Bake the Sample Headspace vial

headspace vial clean

C.Pure water, ultrasound and ethanol cleaning

1. Tap water rinse Sample headspace Vial for several times
2. Place in a beaker with pure water and Wash with ultrasound for 15 mins.
3. Change the water, and ultrasound for another 15 minutes.
4. Soak in a beaker with water ethanol
5. Then take out Headspace vial from the beaker and Passerillage.

D.Hydrogen peroxide and Alcohol cleaning

1.Generally, Sample Headspace vial is rinsed by water and after baking the vials, soak with strong hydrogen oxide lotion.
2. Use medical alcohol to invade more than 4 hours, then ultrasound for half an hour. Pour out medical alcohol, use water ultrasound for half an hour, rinse with water and dry.

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