Introduce the Cap of Autosampler Vial

Introduce the Cap of Autosampler Vial

Aug. 3rd, 2020
In the list of laboratory chromatography supplies, autosample vial is a relatively large amount of the category; The annual demand for cap with autosampler vial is also increasing. This article focuses on this kind of cap. Aijiren is this Autosampler Vial Cap Manufacturer, which can supply all kind of autosampler vial cap.
The Cap of the Autosampler Vial is classified according to the structure with the screw cap, crimp cap and snap cap. According to the material of the cap, there is a distinction between polypropylene, aluminum and metal cap. Whether it's the material or the cap structure, it depends on the requirements of the chromatographic analyzer.
Autosampler Vial Screw Cap is the most common kind of cap, the raw material is mainly polypropylene. Screw cap applies a mechanical force that squeezes the septum between the glass rim and the cap. Screw caps form an excellent seal and mechanically hold the septum in place during piercing. No tools are required for assembly. 
Snap Caps are an extension of the crimp cap system of sealing. A plastic cap is stretched over the rim of the vial to form a seal by squeezing the septum between the glass and the stretched plastic cap. The advantage of a plastic snap cap is no tools are required to assemble. Snap caps are a compromise sealing system.
Aijiren is chromatography consumable manufacturer, you can find screw cap in Aijiren shop; there are also snap cap. All of the cap is in wholesale price. Welcome to inquiry.