Introduce of Gas chromatography analysis and headspace vial

Introduce of Gs and headspace vial

Dec. 17th, 2019
Headspace sample handling is a convenient and fast sample pretreatment method in gas chromatography. The principle is to place the sample to be tested in a closed container, by heating up the volatile components from the sample base to spread out, in the gas liquid (or gas solid) in both phases to achieve balance.
gas chromatography progress

Then direct extraction of the top gas for gas chromatography analysis, test the composition and content of volatile components in the sample. The use of headspace sample handling technology eliminates lengthy and cumbersome pre-sample processing, avoiding interference from analysis caused by organic solvents and reducing contamination of columns and sample spouts.
10ml headspace vial
In headspace analysis, the selection of sample vial is also critical. Depending on the inertness of sample, Headspace sample vial with different degrees of heat is required. High temperature sample should select crimp headspace vial; high temperature and volatilization slow sample can choose screw headspace vial.
magnetic cap with headspace vial
According to different volume, Aijiren supply 10ml screw thread headspace vial, 20ml crimp headspace vial and magnetic cap headspace vial, which can be absorbed by automatic magnetic mechanical arm. Choose headspace vial, Choose Aijiren.