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Laboratory 2ml Screw Neck Vials on Stock
2ml Screw Neck Vials are usually grouped according to vial diameter, vial height, and yarn finish.Aijiren guarantees the quality of 2ml Screw Neck Vials and will treat every valued customers with the best service.
Some Factors that affect the headspace result
In experiment progress, some factors always affect the experiment result. In this article, introduce some factors that affect headspace GC result in GC analysis.
Introduce of Gs and headspace vial
Headspace sample handling is a convenient and fast sample pretreatment method in gas chromatography. 10ml headspace vial supplied by Aijiren is one of the special headspace vial.
Glass sample vial---Headspace chromatography vial
The most commonly glassware in the laboratory are flasks, measuring cylinder, beakers, glass bottles, etc. Today, there are many utensils that can be used in gas chromatography analysis. The special small glass headspace vial that is usually considered in GC analysis. Aijiren is one of the largest chromatography headspace vial manufacturer, suppliing all kind of headspace vial.
How much you know about the automatic sample glass vial can still workable at the low temperature?
How much you know about the automatic sample glass vial can still workable at the low temperature?Want to know more about automatic sample glass vial please contact with us.
1.5ml 11mm crimp neck vials
This article mainly introduce 1.5mL crimp neck vials.
Methods to Clean the Sample Vials (1)
It’s very important for the sample vials cleaning, if we can’t get it clean, that will influence the measurement of the next time, so we must master the method the cleaning method of chromatography vials.
How to Select the Right Vials for Chromatography Applications
Crimp caps provide the tigh test seal,reducing the chance of sample evaporation.the 11.6*32mm crimp vials and 11mm aluminium crimp caps are economical and easy touse with vials crimping tools.
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