Sampling method of the headspace vial in GC analysis

Sampling method of the headspace vial

Dec. 16th, 2019
When sampling the headspace vial should be pressured, using its pressure to the gas phase part (headspace phase) export of the small glass bottle method called the balance pressure method. As the best device, when the pressure of the separation system is balanced, the headspace phase is directed directly into the column for analysis.
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Other methods, there is also a method of pressurizing the gas phase from the atmosphere by the circuit of the insulation gas sampling valve, the previous gas valve also transforms the way to import the circuit into the column. Because the headspace phase is not the original atmospheric pressure (determined by volume and temperature), the correct use of which method must be determined by the volume of the sample. We believe that problems with the flattening of movable faces and the contact between the metal, which is the beginning part of the loop, and the analytical components can interfere with the results of the analysis.
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