Wholesale 2ml Screw Cap Glass Vials from Aijiren

Wholesale 2ml Screw Cap Glass Vials from Aijiren

Jul. 30th, 2020
2ml Screw Cap Glass Vials are easy to use and do not require a special tool. The unique yarn design provides a continuously secure sealing that prevents evaporation. Screw Female Bottles are available in 8-425 (8mm), 9-425 (9mm), 10-425 (10mm) and 13,425 (13mm) neck coverings.
2ml Screw Cap Glass Vials for hplc system with attached septa cover. Includes: 100 Transparent/ amber bottles made of 32x11.6mm borosilikat glass, 2ml laboratory bottles 9-425 screws, Flat base Sample Bottles; USP TYPE I made of Glass. With writing the patch for the pen sign.
HPLC Automatic Sampling Bottles, Lid glass bottles, HPLC Automatic Sampling Bottles With 2ml Transparent 9mm Neck Glass in China, Cover Septum Front Crevasse, Aijiren Brand 0.45um Nylon Filter, 11mm Viton Septa and so on.

2ml Screw Cap Glass Vials are containers designed to temporarily hold samples analyzed as part of gas (GC) or liquid (HPLC) chromatography. Aijrien Tech offers a wide range of bottles that exceed the ISO9001: 2020 quality certificate to provide the most accurate analysis of your samples.

Please contact with Aijiren. If you have any requirement for 2ml Screw Cap Glass Vials.We having focus on chromatography consumables producing over 15+ years.