Glass sample vial----Headspace chromatography vial

Glass sample vial---Headspace chromatography vial

Dec. 16th, 2019
The most commonly glassware in the laboratory are flasks, measuring cylinder, beakers, glass bottles, etc.

glassware vial

Today, there are many utensils that can be used in gas chromatography analysis. Especially in the gas chromatography experiment, the pressure resistance safety issues are worthy of attention. Flammable organic solvent substrates are dangerous, so bottles with rubber caps for TB bacteria can be selected in the analysis. But the special small glass headspace vial that is usually considered in GC analysis, the headspace glass vial is shown as below.

glass headspace vial
With this construction of small glass headspace vial, the vapor pressure generated by the substrate does not make the small glass vial seal bulge, can be high-precision analysis. In addition, the vial septa according to air tightness and heat resistance classification, there are a variety of septum can be provided to the user. In order to ensure the temperature control of the sample and the reliability of automatic analysis, the outer diameter, height, internal volume of the small glass headspace vial is in strict accordance with the fixed standards of production standard.

headspace vial septa
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