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Glass sample vial---Headspace chromatography vial
The most commonly glassware in the laboratory are flasks, measuring cylinder, beakers, glass bottles, etc. Today, there are many utensils that can be used in gas chromatography analysis. The special small glass headspace vial that is usually considered in GC analysis. Aijiren is one of the largest chromatography headspace vial manufacturer, suppliing all kind of headspace vial.
How much do you know about the material of Chromatography Vials?
Most of the chromatography vials are made of glass, when talking about this material, we must first talk about the linear expansion coefficient, refers to the temperature changes once, the length of the glass changes.
Some simple knowledge of chromatographic vials
In fact, when we do liquid chromatography, the sample vial is a one-off, but the cost is too high, so now we need to use a repeated sample hplc vials
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