20mm Crimp Top GC Glass Vials for Lab Analysis
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20mm Crimp Top GC Glass Vials for Lab Analysis

Sep. 10th, 2020
20mm Crimp Top GC Glass Vials allow you to prepare your entire experiment for analysis in an efficient and accurate way. The essence of this experiment is that volatile samples are heated and vaporized to form gas in the upper space of the 20mm Crimp Top GC Glass Vials and then diffuse. Finally, the gas in the vial enters the gas phase detection.
Aijiren high quality 20mm Crimp Top GC Glass Vials have a Beveled Edge neck for a secure seal, uniform glass thickness for even heat distribution and consistent sampling reliability. 20mm Crimp neck with 6ml, 10ml, 20ml hold up volume. Available in flat or rounded bottom designs for accurate instrument compatibility.
Aijiren's 20mm Crimp Top GC Glass Vials have two type of bottom.  Rounded bottom is more sturdy and thus more resistant to the high pressure within the vial during the heating process. Furthermore the vial slides more easily into the heating block when being transported by a magnet. Flat bottom might be necessary when vials have to run within the instrument on a slightly downwards tendency.
20mm crimp seal Cap with pre-installed septum for 20mm Crimp Top GC Glass Vials. Seals with pre-inserted septa are very convenient to minimize contamination due to handling. Aijiren PTFE/silicone seals are packaged in sealed plastic bags to maintain purity until the point of use. Cap is made of Aluminum, which can cover the caliber well.
Aijiren’s 20mm Crimp Top GC Glass Vials needs to be used with Hand Crimper and Decrimper. Hand Crimper can easily seal the Crimp Top Headspace Vial to ensure the safety and efficiency of the gas phase detection process.