2ml 12x32 mm borosilicate glass hplc vial price
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2ml 12x32 mm borosilicate glass hplc vial price

Nov. 12th, 2021
This 2ml 12x32 mm borosilicate glass vial structure. It is ideal for containing all injectable preparations with acid, neutral and alkaline pH. It also has good resistance to thermal shocks and can be sterilized before or after filling.
 2ml 12x32mm borosilicate glass hplc vial price
1. Extremely high inertness: The inertness of the sample vial can reduce the peak variability of the analyte.
2. Consistent performance: Each batch of the sample vial has consistent performance, which saves you more time for troubleshooting and re-running samples.
3. Certificate of analysis: The sample vial is equipped with an analysis certificate, which can guarantee you that they can work normally even in a harsh environment.
4. Can be matched with various bottle cap designs: sample vials can use your existing 2ml autosampler caps, bringing more convenience to your inventory management.
 2ml 12x32mm amber borosilicate glass hplc vial price
The 2ml 12x32 mm borosilicate glass vial can be suitably employed to inject samples from an autosampler. They come in variety of sized, 2 mL vials being ubiquitously used. Autosampler needle pierces through the cap during injection and withdraws the required amounts of analyte from the vial. Aijiren posesses a vials of different types for chromatographic applications.
 2ml amber borosilicate glass hplc vial price
Aijiren understands the specifications of the autosamplers we support. Thus, Aijiren denotes autosampler compatibility so that you know you are receiving vials that work with your autosampler.
Aijiren is the leading supplier of lab consumables, So if there have any requirements about 2ml 12x32 mm borosilicate glass vial, please contact us right NOW!