Aijiren 10-425 Screw Hplc Sample Vial for Sale
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Aijiren 10-425 Screw Hplc Sample Vial for Sale

Jun. 17th, 2020
The 10-425 Screw Hplc Sample Vial is the original wide-mouth replacement for the 8-425 screw vial. The wide mouth of the 10-425 Screw Hplc Sample Vial can increase the target area for automatic injection. The needle of the autosampler will be accurately inserted into the area of the bottle cap, making sample preparation easier and reducing the chance of the needle bending or breaking in the injector.
The Thread opening of 10-425 Screw Hplc Sample Vial guarantees that the HPLC vials are well sealed to the sample, because Screw vial has better sealing performance than Snap vials, and it is easy to operate. Just screw on the lid lightly, so The 10-425 Screw Hplc Sample Vial will be the first choice for most laboratories.
The material of the Clear 10-425 Screw Hplc Sample Vial is USP Type 1, Class A, 33 borosilicate glass, which is the most inert and chemically resistant glass, widely used in the laboratory, especially for chromatographic applications . Type I glass is mainly composed of silicone and oxygen, as well as trace amounts of boron and sodium. It has the lowest leaching characteristics and a linear expansion coefficient of 33.
Amber 10-425 Screw Hplc Sample Vial is made of USP Class 1, Class B, 51 kinds of borosilicate glass composed of silicon and oxygen, trace amounts of boron, sodium and other elements, which is more alkaline than Class A glass , But still suitable for laboratory use.
Aijiren's 10-425 Screw Hplc Sample Vial has great advantages in automatic sampling, so it is welcomed and loved by many customers. If you want to buy 10-425 Screw Hplc Sample Vial, please come to leave a message for inquiry.