2ml autosampler vials with a writing area and graduations
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2ml autosampler vials with a writing area and graduations

Nov. 18th, 2021
2ml autosampler vials for HPLC are generally grouped depending on the diameter of the vial, the height of the vial, and, the thread finish. Both clear glass and amber glass are highly inert. 
 2ml autosampler vials with a writing area and graduations
2ml autosampler vials can be made from a different coefficient of expansion glass; most notable 33-expansion and 51-expansion glass. Aijiren Clear Glass vials are made from Type I glass of 33-expansion glass and type 70 borosilicate glass (budget type). The alkali content is low and 33-expansion glass has very low free ion content.
 2ml autosampler vials with a writing area
Based on our years of chromatography vial experience, crimp-cap vials are most situations best for GC and GC/MS analysis, while screw-cap vials are better choice used for most of HPLC and LC MS applications. However, your personal preference and specific chromatography experiment requirements are also important factors to consider.
Aijiren offers proven 2ml autosampler vials and consumables for the chromatographer. Meeting the requirements of customers’ demands, Aijiren offers sample vials designed to allow a more reliable transfer of samples from the prep lab to the autosampler.
2ml hplc vials with a writing area and graduations 
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