2ml Amber Snap Autosampler Vial for Lab Analysis
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2ml Amber Snap Autosampler Vial for Lab Analysis

Jul. 22nd, 2020
2ml Amber Snap Autosampler Vial is mainly used in lab chromatography analysis. This 2ml Amber Snap Autosampler Vial has some features: 1.Extremely high inertness: The inertness of the sample vial can reduce the peak variability of the analyte. 2. Consistent performance: Each batch of the sample vial has consistent performance, which saves you more time for troubleshooting and re-running samples.
2ml Amber Snap Autosampler Vial is equipped with PP snap cap. Snap cap can be easy to take away. 2ml Amber Snap Autosampler Vial can be matched with various color of caps. 2ml Amber Snap Autosampler Vial caps bring more convenience to your inventory management.
2ml Amber Snap Autosampler Vial for lab chromatography analysis is also equipped with  PTFE/Silicone Septa. This 2ml Amber Snap Autosampler Vial septa can total seal the vial. Aijiren has continued to improve septa to actively reduce leaching, chipping, blocking, pushing, stiffening, and adsorption issues.
When you purchase 2ml Amber Snap Autosampler Vial, please be wary of any supplier offering a substantially lower cost vial, especially if they cannot explain which COE is used in their manufacturing process. Aijiren produce 2ml Amber Snap Autosampler Vial in  international standard.
Aijiren always maintains high standards, setting tight specifications for the coefficient of expansion of 2ml Amber Snap top Chromatography Vial. Choose Aijiren, choose a majors.