8-425 2ml Autosampler Amber Vial from Aijiren on Stock
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8-425 2ml Autosampler Amber Vial from Aijiren on Stock

Jul. 20th, 2020
Aijiren’s 8-425 autosampler Vial is available in two colors, transparent and amber. Both colors of glass are made of high-quality glass.Compared with other Autosampler Vial, Aijiren's 2ml Autosampler Amber Vial should highlight the important factors of linear expansion coefficient and USB type.
What is the linear coefficient of expansion and the USP type?
The linear coefficient of expansion refers to a partial change in the length of the glass per degree of temperature change, that is, the ability of the glass to withstand rapid thermal changes. The lower the coefficient of expansion, the better the temperature change can be handled without crushing the glass. The classification of experimental glass based on resistance to attacks from water was established by the US Pharmacopoeia, USP.
Aijiren's high-quality technology ensures that the 2ml Autosampler Amber Vial  produced can withstand high temperature and corrosion, and can hold solvent and powder samples to ensure the accuracy of analysis results.Aijiren's 2ml Autosampler Amber Vial can also effectively cut off ultraviolet rays, protecting the samples in Autosampler Vial from deterioration due to sunlight.
Aijiren's new factory supports high-volume Vial production, and multiple production lines and workers ensure Aijiren's output. Aijiren will produce the 2ml Autosampler Amber Vial within 3 days after the customer places the order, and ship the goods after strict packaging to ensure that the customer can get the goods as quickly as possible.
Founded in 2010, Ayjiren has since successfully exceeded customer expectations through the consistent manufacture and export of high-quality experimental consumables. We provide basic laboratory equipment to laboratories to meet the overwhelming demands of the scientific community. With a wide range of products and personalized customization services, we offer superior quality at a low price.