2ml Chromatography Vial Supplier from China
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2ml Chromatography Vial Supplier from China

Dec. 29th, 2020
Aijiren produces 2ml Chromatography Vial in three different types of calibers, Screw, Snap and Crimp. These three types of Vial are Aijiren's best-selling products, which can be matched with different brands of HPLC Autosampler and are essential chromatographic consumables in the laboratory.
2ml Screw Neck Vial by Aijiren,the caliber of the large-caliber sample bottle is 40% larger than that of the standard-caliber sample bottle. The large opening reduces the risk of the autosampler needle bending during sampling. When choosing 2mL amber glass screw-top autosampler vials, the product material is critical.
The snap-on vial produced by Aijiren uses more glass in the neck of the bottle, so it is not easy to break when opening. The snap-on seal neck is compatible with crimping and/or snap-on seals, and the cover can be removed without any special tools. It is recommended to use these vials for short-term sample storage and non-volatile samples, as their tightness is not as good as crimping or thread sealing.
Aijiren's Crimpe Top sample Vial has excellent sealing performance, which can effectively avoid sample evaporation. The sample bottle and corresponding 11 mm aluminum cap can be easily combined with the crimp cap tool. The vial can withstand heat and pressure, and can also be used for chemical reactions.
Aijiren not only produces Glass Vial, but also the supporting Cap&Septa, which is made of high-quality PP. Silicone and PTFE are made of double-sided Septa. Aijiren has a unique compound method to bond Silicone and PTFE to ensure that the Septa does not change shape and does not fall off easily, and it is attached to the Cap to ensure sealing.