4ml Chromatogrphy Screw Neck Vial on Sale
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4ml Chromatogrphy Screw Neck Vial on Sale

Dec. 30th, 2020
Aijiren's 15x45mm 4ml Chromatogrphy Vials have 13-425 GPI threads and can hold up to 4ml samples. Use 13 x 425 bottle caps with septa for sample vials, and use diffusion caps for rinse bottles. These vials have a closed top screw seal and can also be used as storage vials.
Aijiren4ml Chromatogrphy Vials are designed to be easy to use, especially when using autosampler systems, so this type of vials is also called autosampler vials. And the vials are very compatible. The design of Aijiren threaded top sample bottle was developed from Europe and the United States, and its design features are easy to use, especially with the automatic sampling system. Aijiren threaded top vials are also called autosampler vials.
The 4ml Chromatogrphy Vials produced by Aijiren is 15x45mm, has 13-425 GPI threads, and can hold up to 4ml samples. Can be used as cleaning, waste liquid or storage Vial, Sample vials are preferentially used in the instruments of market brand manufacturers: Dionex, Shimadzu (AOC-14/1400, LC-10A and SIL-2AS), Spark, Varian, VWR (MERCK®) / Agilent 6850 autosampler tray ( G2880A), Perkin-Elmer Autosystem GC, Waters 48-position tray autosampler, etc.
Aijiren can provide a combination package of 100 4ml Chromatogrphy Vials and 100 caps with pre-assembled septa. The reusable carton protects the vials and caps while keeping the matching consumables together. 100 with pre-assembled caps For the vial with septum, you can choose whether the septum is to be incised (need to communicate with the sales manager in advance)
Aijiren will choose the transportation method according to the customer's purchase volume. If the goods are small, they will choose express delivery. If the quantity of goods is large, they will choose to ship by sea. Customers need to prepare relevant materials in advance, Aijiren's sales manager will communicate with you the transportation progress and cargo situation throughout the process.