2ml Crimp Top Chromatography Vial Supplier
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2ml Crimp Top Chromatography Vial Supplier

Jan. 5th, 2021
All Aijiren vials are very suitable for autosamplers and have good chemical compatibility and ultra-high cleanliness. The 2ml Crimp Top Chromatography Vial is especially suitable for laboratory use. At the same time, the bottom of some sample bottles is designed as a round bottom, so it has a flat bottom function and is compatible with automatic sampling equipment.
The 2ml Crimp Top Chromatography Vial is the most commonly used gas sampling vial on the market at present. Features of crimping top-quality sample bottles: Strict quality assurance provides dimensional consistency between batches, optional ceramic writing points with filling marks can be selected, and they are certified and fully compatible with autosamplers.
Advantages of 2ml Crimp Top Chromatography Vial:PTFE/Silicone/PTFE septa offered excellent resistance to coring,PTFE is the most inert. Aijiren combines PTFE and Silicone on both sides to ensure that the PTFE is inert and Septa can accept repeated punctures. Compatible with a wide range of autosampler,Good quality control, including height, diameter, bottom, thickness and neck/thread, cleanliness.
Aijiren Tech, as a Based supplier of providing laboratory products,which is specialized in the line of medicine, life-science, chemistry, laboratory consumables, etc. We are striving to work with our customers to develop high quality, end-user oriented solutions to ensure consumers will have an enjoyable experience from using our products.
After the customer places the order, Aijiren will pack and ship it as soon as possible. Generally speaking, 2ml Crimp Top Chromatography Vial is packed in a pack of 100 pieces. You can purchase Vial separately or a 2-in-1 pack of Vial with Closures. Aijiren has transaction experience with more than 70 countries and regions to ensure that the freight can arrive smoothly.