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Snap Top Chromatography Vial Manufacturer

Jan. 5th, 2021
Aijiren's Snap Top Chromatography Vials are made of transparent or amber type 1 borosilicate glass (Grade A, 33 expanded borosilicate glass). The Snap Top Chromatography Vials can accept either aluminum snap-on seals or polyethylene snap-on caps. The colors are white, red, and blue. You can choose from them, which is very suitable for short-term storage.
The Snap Top Chromatography Vials is not easy to break during the opening process because more glass is used in the neck of the bottle. The snap-on seal neck is compatible with crimping and/or snap-on seals, and the cover can be removed without any special tools. It is recommended to use these vials for short-term sample storage and non-volatile samples, as their tightness is not as good as crimping or thread sealing.
Aijiren Snap Top Chromatography Vials is equipped with Septa's "cross" pre-notch design to ensure the correct centering of the autosampler needle, thereby eliminating missed injections. The opening of the Aijiren sample bottle is 40% larger than the standard 2ml sample bottle to facilitate sample filling , And reduce the chance of needle bending or breaking during sampling.
Snap Top Chromatography Vials can also be used with Micro-insert, you can choose conical insert, micro-insert inside the mandrel and polymer feet, flat-bottom micro-insert to support the highest purity and sensitivity samples. The clear color allows you to view the solution unhindered to observe any changes.
Aijiren Technology,Inc. is one of the leading mnaufacturers of glass autosampler vial and hplc glass vials of USP type 1, based in China. We are an ISO 9001:2000 company and have also registered our products under US-DMF. Aijiren has export market in US, UK, Germany, Jorden, Iran, Egytp, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. Aijiren also manufacturers autosampler vials in customer specific standard.