GL45 Wide Mouth Blue Cap Reagent Bottle in Stock
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GL45 Wide Mouth Blue Cap Reagent Bottle in Stock

Dec. 31st, 2020
The Reagent Bottle produced by Aijiren, also called the culture medium bottle or graduated bottle, is a container made of soda lime glass and covered with a GL45 cap or stopper. They are intended to be used in the laboratory for chemicals in liquid or powder form and are stored in cabinets or shelves.
The lid of the Reagent Bottle can prevent the contents from overflowing or the external environment pollution. Reagent bottles are very suitable for storing powders and liquids. The amber or red reagent bottle protects the photosensitive contents from ultraviolet, visible and infrared influences.
The wide mouth of the GL45 Reagent Bottle makes it easy to fill or retrieve the contents. The caps of the reagent bottles should be selected carefully because their materials or linings may have a negative impact on the contents of the bottles. 
Aijiren produces Reagent Bottle with excellent chemical resistance. These bottles are ideal for storing reagents, culture media, biological fluids, and various other aqueous and non-aqueous solutions. Aijiren produces reagent bottles that can withstand temperatures from -70 to 500°C, so they can be reused in freezers, microwave ovens, autoclaves and dry heat sterilization boxes.
Aijiren usually box Reagent Bottle, 100ml reagent bottles 120pcs/box, 250ml reagent bottles 80pcs/box, 500ml reagent bottles 48pcs/box, and 1000ml reagent bottles 24pcs/box. Warm reminder, the reagent bottle is larger and heavier, so it is more cost-effective to buy it in a box.