2ml Hplc Autosampler Crimp Top Vials from Aijiren
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2ml Hplc Autosampler Crimp Top Vials from Aijiren

Jun. 1st, 2020
Crimp Top Vials are manufactured from Type 1 borosilicate glass, available in clear or amber, or from Polypropylene. Crimp Top Vials require lacquered aluminum crimp seals which are relatively inexpensive. When assembled properly, it becomes the most suitable seal for long-term storage. Crimp seals cannot be reused.
All Aijiren vials are ideal for autosamplers and have excellent chemical compatibility and ultra-cleanliness. Crimp Top Vials are the most commonly used gas sampling vials on the market today. A 2ml capacity sample vial suitable for laboratory use. At the same time, some vial bottoms are designed with a round bottom, making the bottom flat and compatible with automatic sampling equipment.

The Aijiren Crimp Top Vials have excellent sealing performance that effectively avoids sample evaporation. Vials and corresponding 11mm aluminum caps can be easily and quickly combined with a jaw capping tool. Vials can withstand heat and pressure and can also be used for chemical reactions. It can be used as an anhydrous oxygen-free reaction vial.
Aijiren's Crimp Top Vials are packaged in a box of 100 vials and a pack of 100 in Caps. If you are worried that the aluminum cap will be squeezed and deformed during transportation, we can also provide jar packaging and put the caps in the jar to avoid the caps being squeezed.
Aijiren has always been adhering to the quality service to be perfect. As one of the largest laboratory consumable suppliers in China, we have the responsibility and obligation to do a good job of our product quality and provide convenience to customers. Aijiren is not only a supplier of Crimp Top Vials, but also a Crimp Top Vials manufacturer,  we will guarantee that no additional price will be added, so that you can buy satisfactory products at preferential prices.