High Quality 2ml Clear Glass HPLC Sample Vial from Aijiren
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High Quality 2ml Clear Glass HPLC Sample Vial from Aijiren

Jun. 2nd, 2020
Aijiren HPLC Sample Vial with thread, snap and jaw types. It features ultra-clean working environment/packaging, specific packaging materials to reduce pollution, suitable for different types of GC headspace sampling probes. The HPLC Sample Vial is made of colorless Class 1 A or amber Class 1 B borosilicate glass. The automatic HPLC Sample Vial is produced from high-quality raw materials. It has high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Controlled manufacturing environment quality and service have won the trust of customers.
The caps are compatible with HPLC Sample Vial. The caps are made of high quality polypropylene, the caps are in accordance with the crimp or snap closure to be compatible with robotic autosamplers. Pre-installed septas reduce the possibility of contamination during sample preparation, while saving the preparation time of the sample in the laboratory.
Teflon and silicone rubber or ultra-pure silicone are used as raw materials to ensure that the septa are non-toxic; to ensure excellent functions, it is particularly suitable for gas chromatography, and to ensure that the septum does not fall into the HPLC Sample Vial during the injection process.high-quality materials are used in the septum of the HPLC Sample Vial to ensure proper function, and it is widely used in multiple injections and/or longer sampling cycle designs as well as gas chromatography and liquid chromatography instrument.
HPLC Sample Vial with integrated micro-inserts are becoming increasingly popular in the handling of a small volume sample.Aijiren HPLC Sample Vial combine the durability of the glass bottle with the benefits of a glass microinsert. The glass microinsert is firmly on the cone of the vials and its edges slightly exceed the edge of the bottle, ensuring that the partition is tightly sealed with the glass.Precise centering of the inner part ensures safe injection of the needle. Crystal clear glass provides good transparency and chemical durability.
Aijiren is a manufacturer of the ever-growing chromatography line. Contains vials, caps and PTFE Silicone Septa in combination with Crimp Tools products. More than 10 years of experience has earned Aijiren Group a huge understanding of customer needs.If you need High Quality 2ml Clear Glass HPLC Sample Vial, please contact us in time.