China Supplier of 2ml Screw Cap Glass Vials for Sale
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China Supplier of 2ml Screw Cap Glass Vials for Sale

Jul. 31st, 2020
2ml Screw Cap Glass Vials are universal. Screwing the lid applies a mechanical force that tightens the septum between the glass rim and the lid. Screw caps create an excellent sealing and mechanically keep the septumu in place during drilling. No tools are required for assembly.
These 2ml Screw Cap Glass Vials are the preferred choice for modern auto samplers. Focusing on advanced sample safety and integrity, we offer innovative Aijiren 9mm caps and Aijiren 9mm screw top bottles for consistent productivity in each separation.
Wide-open bottles provide more targetspace to reduce the likelihood of bending or breaking needles during easier sample preparation and sampling. The 2ml Screw Cap Glass Vials are made of Transparent, Type 1 Class A or Amber, Type 1 Class B borosilikat glass. It requires the use of 10-425 screws and 10mm septa.
Aijiren Technical 2ml Screw Cap Glass Vials are ideal for use in most standard HPLC and GC applications and high efficiency analyses. These quality automatic sampler bottles and covers provide consistent results for standard and high-yield pharmaceutical, environmental and food and beverage applications.

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