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2ml HPLC Amber Glass Vial Factory from China

Jul. 20th, 2020
Aijiren’s 2ml HPLC Amber Glass Vial uses borosilicate glass, and Aijiren’s best seller is 2ml HPLC Amber Glass Vial, so let me introduce the glass used in Aijiren’s 2ml HPLC Amber Glass Vial.Borosilicate glass is the least reactive glass. Type I glass has the lowest pH shift, lowest leaching characteristics, and a linear expansion coefficient of 33 or 51. 33 for transparent autosampler vials and 51 for amber vials.
USP type I, 51 borosilicate glass is composed of silicone and oxygen, and trace amounts of boron, sodium and other elements are more alkaline than Class A glass, but are sufficient for laboratory use. Amber borosilicate glass is made in Class B unless otherwise specified, and the expansion coefficient is 51.All Aijiren 2ml HPLC Amber Glass Vial are made of USP type I glass. 
Typically, this glass can be used for most applications, including packaging of parenteral and non-parenteral products. Type I glass can be used for packaging acidic, neutral, and alkaline products. Because Type I glass can be chemically attacked under certain conditions, it is necessary to carefully select containers in very low pH and very high pH applications.
Aijiren relies on years of experience in producing 2ml HPLC Amber Glass Vial. Our 2ml HPLC Amber Glass Vial can meet the standards and requirements of a variety of laboratories. Our 2ml HPLC Amber Glass Vial is provided to more than 70 countries and regions around the world. Chromatographic analysis in all walks of life.
If you want to purchase 2ml HPLC Amber Glass Vial, please contact Aijiren, Aijiren will provide you with high-quality products and services to make your experiment more convenient and accurate.