Lab Reagent Bottle from Aijiren on Sale
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Lab Reagent Bottle from Aijiren on Sale

Aug. 18th, 2020
The Reagent Bottle produced by Aijiren has many specifications, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml. The reagent bottle is made of extremely inert borosilicate hydrochloride glass, which is difficult to react with the reagents in the Reagent Bottle.And this glass can withstand high and low temperatures.
Because it is often used to hold liquid samples, the design of the Reagent Bottle is very suitable for laboratory analysis. The wide mouth of the bottle is suitable for adding samples in time, and the pattern of screw thread is suitable for closing the lid to keep the seal tight. The tilt of the shoulder is more convenient when pouring samples, and the slightly concave design at the bottom also ensures that the residue of the sample is reduced.
Aijiren also took into consideration when designing the wall thickness of the Reagent Bottle. The glass wall of the Reagent Bottle has no sample residue, and the clarity is high, which is convenient for the operator to add samples in time and observe the situation inside the reagent bottle.
Aijiren has its own factory and unique bottle making technology, which ensures that Aijiren is among the best in the industry. The bottle-making process of the factory strictly guarantees the consistency of the Reagent Bottle between batches, and will not cause a large gap between the purchased reagent bottles.
Choose Aijiren and believe in Aijiren's craftsmanship and quality! We will strive to become a better supplier of chromatography consumables.