Laboratory Reagent Bottle Wide Mouth Price
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Laboratory Reagent Bottle Wide Mouth Price

Aug. 25th, 2020
According to the diameter of Reagent Bottle, the reagent bottle can be divided into wide-mouth reagent bottle and narrow-mouth Reagent Bottle. Wide mouth Reagent Bottle are used to store liquid and powder reagents. The cost of wide mouth Reagent Bottle is generally relatively expensive, because the shrinkage of the bottle mouth is not easy to control during the burning process.
If the wide mouth Reagent Bottle is burned with borosilicate glass, the price will be more expensive. Common wide-mouth reagent bottles typically have a capacity of 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml. Obviously, the capacity is larger, the more expensive it is. Aijiren is supply wide mouth Reagent Bottle in wholesale price.
Reagent Bottle wide mouth is ideal for storage of reagents, analytical standards and culture media etc. Aijiren wide mouth Reagent Bottle is manufactured from borosilicate glass. So the Reagent Bottle can have good performance. Excellent resistance to chemical attack and high temperatures.
Wide mouth Reagent Bottle must equip with Plastic screw cap. Aijiren supply with PBT screw caps having a PTFE faced sealing disc. Withstands hot air sterilisation up to 180°C. The Reagent Bottle is with Autoclavable and White graduations and marking spot. It can easy to read the volume.
Aijiren supply wide mouth Reagent Bottle with plastic screw cap. All of the reagent bottle is in wholesale price. Welcome to inquiry.