Lab 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle with Screw Thread
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Lab 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle with Screw Thread

Oct. 10th, 2020
As a manufacturer of reagent bottles, Aijiren purchases high-quality soda-lime glass. The 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle made of this glass have uniform wall thickness and are not easy to burst or deform under high temperature heating. Clear glass can see the level of reagent in the reagent bottle.
Aijiren's 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle has a moderate capacity and a suitable size. It is the best choice for the laboratory to contain reagents, especially the reagent bottle can be connected to the autosampler with a thin tube to complete the sample filling.
Aijiren's 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle has been recognized by many customers. A laboratory worker from Iran contacted us and claimed to have seen Aijiren’s information on the Internet and wanted to buy some 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle to test.
Aijiren sent one box of 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle to Iran according to the minimum order quantity. After the customer received it, they were very satisfied with the quality of our products. They quickly placed a large number of orders and asked for samples of other products to go back for testing. I believe we will reach a long-term cooperation in the future.
The quality of Aijiren's 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle and the strength of the company are obvious to all in the industry. Aijiren has become a well-known supplier of chromatography consumables in China with its own efforts. It is believed that Aijiren can become a world-renowned brand of chromatography consumables in the near future.