Where will you get 250ml glass reagent bottle?
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Where will you get 250ml glass reagent bottle?

Oct. 10th, 2020
Reagent bottles are part of laboratory glass consumables and can usually be purchased online. Some common types can be found in pharmacies or medical supply stores. In order to facilitate the purchase of customers, Aijiren 250ml Glass Reagent Bottles are available online and offline. Please note: when you buy 250ml Glass Reagent Bottles,  must carefully identify the material of the reagent bottles.
Hardware stores usually sell a variety of plastic or glass jars to store food, although some stores have quality problems. These jars are shaped like 250ml Glass Reagent Bottles, so 250ml reagent bottles are sometimes used for food storage. However, metal containers used to store tea, coffee and even sugar or spices are almost always of good quality, especially stainless steel varieties.
Compared with stainless steel jars for storing coffee, the price of 250ml glass reagent bottles is relatively high. The 250ml Glass Reagent Bottles mainly adopts the firing process, and the production cost is relatively high. 250ml Glass Reagent Bottles are suitable for storing various mild corrosive and smelly reagents.
In daily, glass, plastic and metal containers can be used to store reagents, as long as the reagents do not react with the materials made of the container. Glass reagent bottle with a metal cover is not suitable for storing corrosive chemicals, especially volatile chemicals such as acids. The 250ml Glass Reagent Bottles with GL45 screw cap can be used to store most reagents.
Aijiren 250ml Glass Reagent Bottles are available online shop and Physical factory stores. If you are looking for reagent bottle, please contact our business manager. You will get discount on 250ml clear reagent bottle.