Lab Reagent Bottle in 250ml for HPLC Analysis
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Lab Reagent Bottle in 250ml for HPLC Analysis

Sep. 22nd, 2020
Aijiren has received support and welcome from many customers since the beginning of the production of Reagent Bottle, because Aijiren's product quality has always assured customers, and it is more convenient for customers to purchase more product categories. 250ml Reagent Bottle is often placed on HPLC machines to hold reagents, and it is one of the most frequently used consumables.
The 250ml Reagent Bottle produced by Aijiren is generally made of soda-lime glass and has high inertness. Whether it is chemical reagents or powdered chemicals, it can be placed in the 250ml Reagent Bottle, which can be perfectly adapted to HPLC Autosampler.
The round bottom of the 250ml Reagent Bottle is slightly recessed inward, which is more convenient for stable placement on the desktop, and the reagents can smoothly enter the autosampler from the reagent bottle. And the concave round bottom can ensure that the reagent will not accumulate at the bottom of the bottle.
The oblique shoulder design of Aijiren's 250ml Reagent Bottle is to facilitate pouring of reagents, so that the reagents in the bottle can be poured out easily without leaving any remaining. The thread diameter is matched with the oblique shoulder design. The thread diameter ensures that reagents are not spilled when pouring.
The 250ml Reagent Bottle is a very popular Screw Top Glass Bottle. The reason for the popularity of the Screw Top Glass Bottle is simple, because it is easy to seal, easy to operate, and convenient to store reagents in a short time. If you want to buy 250ml Reagent Bottle, please contact Aijiren.