250ml Clear Reagent Bottle Application in Experiment
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250ml Clear Reagent Bottle Application in Experiment

Sep. 22nd, 2020
The development of any field, if it is not inevitable, it is expected. With the advancement of technology and the acquisition of new knowledge, iterative improvement provides a baseline for linear evolution. The application of 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle in the experiment is also constantly innovating. Here, we review the development history of reagent bottles.
Many kits used in the laboratory, including reagent bottles, are mostly used for soaking and storage. The 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle has been used to store chemicals for at least 150 years, although the idea of ground glass stoppers dates back to the late 17th century.  Today, I will focus on introducing the GL45 plastic screw cap 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle.
The combination of glass bottle and stopper makes the container very resistant to chemical corrosion, but there are a few exceptions. Strong alkaline chemicals should not be stored in glass stopper reagent bottles, because the alkali will cause the glass stopper to corrode and melt to the neck of the bottle. In this case, plastic screw cap 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle is the best choice.
In addition, hydrofluoric acid should never be stored in glass containers, because it will actually dissolve glass. Even the 250ml Clear Reagent Bottle with plastic GL45 screw cap still cannot hold this liquid. This chemicals must be stored in plastic reagent bottle. Plastic is relatively chemically inert.
250ml Clear Reagent Bottle with GL45 screw cap is Aijiren mature product. This reagent bottle has been delivery to more than 123 laboratories. If you need 250ml clear reagent bottle, please contact us.