Non Sterile 0.45um Micron PES Syringe Filter for Sale
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Non Sterile 0.45um Micron PES Syringe Filter for Sale

Mar. 10th, 2020
In addition, they are designed with mother Luer-Lok entrances and male Luer-Slip exits. Some of these 0.45um Micron PES Syringe Filter can be packaged individually or in sterile packaging, classified as RNase-free, DNase-free, no pyrogen DNA.
All Nalgene filter software is for research purposes only and cannot be used for in vitro diagnosis or gastrointestinal use. Certified aseptic, non-cytotoxic and no heat.
The 0.45um Micron PES Syringe Filter is designed to filter the sample solution before the sample is intake. These are usually membrane filters made of appropriate materials.
However, they can also be used as membrane filters with filters are required upstream.
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