The Material of 250ml Laboratory Clear Reagent Bottle
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The Material of 250ml Laboratory Clear Reagent Bottle

Sep. 24th, 2020
Reagent bottles come in various sizes, the most common are 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 2000ml. Reagent bottles also exist in larger-capacity bottles, but they are less commonly used because they are more difficult to handle correctly. 250ml Reagent Bottle is hot sale goods.
250ml Reagent Bottle is often made of Soda-lime glass. There are also borosilicate glass reagent bottle. Compared with Soda-lime glass reagent bottle, 250ml borosilicate glass reagent bottle is more expensive. Since borosilicate glass is difficult to form, the production cost of borosilicate glass reagent bottles is relatively high.
The 250ml Reagent Bottle used to hold liquids are often screw mouth; While  the reagent bottles used to hold powder are often plastic caps or ground glass stoppers. Most plastic bottles use relatively chemically inert foam as a sealant, but these sealants are not as good as PTFE sealants and are not suitable for corrosive and volatile reagents.
250ml Reagent Bottle is also made of plastic material. For plastic reagent bottle, they are both screwed. Due to corrosion problems, there are very few metal reagent bottles. Although aluminum bottles do exist. The lids of metal bottles are often made of different materials, usually plastic(PE).
Aijiren can supply 250ml Reagent Bottle in wholesale price. Different material reagent bottle can be available. If you want to know more detail information, please contact with our business manager.