What Reagent can Fill in 100ml Reagent Bottle
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What Reagent can Fill in 100ml Reagent Bottle

Oct. 12th, 2020
The 100ml Reagent Bottle is also used to hold vitamins in daily use; because the glass reagent bottle has thick wall and has acceptable chemical resistance, it can be used at any time. Large volume reagent bottles are ideal for storing bulk chemicals. If you want know more about 100ml Reagent Bottle, please follow us.
100ml Reagent Bottle is also used to store oil and cream extracts; some chemical suppliers use 100ml reagent bottles to store chemical reagents; due to the corrosion resistance of glass, it can be safely used to store chemicals. 100ml reagent bottle filled with chemical reagent is widely application. 
100ml Reagent Bottle is also suitable for storing various reagents. Because 100ml reagent bottle provide a relatively effective air seal; they can be used to store water-sensitive chemicals such as calcium carbide. though if the lid is improperly opened, it will deform and may not seal properly after repeated uses.
If you reuse the 100ml Reagent Bottle, please ensure that it is cleaned and dried properly to avoid contamination of the new substance you add. If you are reusing a reagent bottle that has previously stored reagents, make sure to delete all previous labels to avoid confusion. Before reuse, be sure to check the 100ml Reagent Bottle repeatedly.
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