HPLC 1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle from Aijiren in Stock
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HPLC 1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle from Aijiren in Stock

Oct. 13th, 2020
Aijiren believes that the establishment of a brand requires cooperation between high-quality products and in-place services. Aijiren’s 1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle uses extremely inert soda-lime glass, which will not react with the reagents used for detection and affect the experimental results.
Aijiren's 1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle has a thick wall and uniform texture, can withstand high temperatures, and is not easy to explode when heated, ensuring the safety of the experiment. The bottle body has its own scale, and you can clearly see the level of the remaining solvent in the bottle to ensure timely addition.
Buy Aijiren's 1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle, the minimum order quantity is one box, one box of 1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle has 24, Aijiren will pack 1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle in a carton, and each 1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle has cardboard. The barrier prevents transportation loss.
Normally, if the order quantity is not large, Aijiren will choose the express delivery method. However, because the weight of the 1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle is heavier, Aijiren will recommend you to take the shipping, which is cheaper. The specific transportation method should be discussed with the sales manager.
There are many ways to buy 1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle from Aijiren. You can search Aijiren through Alibaba to place an order. If you are not familiar with Alibaba, you can also contact online customer service on the official website for help. Our sales manager will work hard to communicate with you to provide you with quality service.