Wholesale 2ml HPLC Sample Vial for Lab Testing from Aijiren Tech
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Wholesale 2ml HPLC Sample Vial for Lab Testing from Aijiren Tech

Jun. 7th, 2020
2ml HPLC Sample Vial for HPLC are generally grouped depending on the diameter of the vial, the height of the vial, and, the thread finish. Both clear glass and amber glass are highly inert. Amber glass helps avoid exposure to UV light thus protecting the samples of sensitive nature. The vials are primarily utilized to inject samples from an autosampler.
Shipment of 2ml HPLC Sample Vial:
We are very familiar with different international transportation way: by air, by sea, or by courier (UPS/FEDEX/DHL/TNT).
For less than 100kgs, or you want to get the goods quickly, we can ship by courier to your door/address directly. About 3~7 days from China to most countries. If use FEDEX IP/UPS SAVER and meet no customs trouble, only 2~3 days to USA/Japan/Korea/ Southeast Asia. (We need a few days to operate the order before the parcel(s) leave from China)
For 100kgs~500kgs, we can ship by tranitional AIRFREIGHT way to your main airport.
For nonurgent >300kgs order, we can ship the goods by sea in LCL for FCL.
Includes 2ml HPLC Sample Vial, pharmaceutical grade glass vials and screw caps with matching threads for optimal vial sealing. Screw cap is knurled for excellent gripping and comfort. Fitted septa is manufactured with high grade PTFE/Silicone and is not slit. Used in HPLC, LCMS, GC, GCMS and CE.*
Aijiren Technology,Inc. is a large-scale high-tech company specializing in the production of sample vials and closures. Relying on good science and technology and a large number of high-tech talents, 2ml HPLC Sample Vial and closures produced by Aijiren Technology,Inc. We through out the ISO9001:2015 quality certification, It is worth mentioning that it was audit and issued by the most stringent SGS in the industry.