Wholesale Screw Top 4ml Vials for HPLC Testing
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Wholesale Screw Top 4ml Vials for HPLC Testing

Jan. 15th, 2020
Screw Top 4ml Vials and caps are subject to strict dimensional standards and can be paired with autosamplers of various models such as Agilent, Waters and Varian. The sample bottle is made of hydrolysis glass (grade 1 boric acid glass) with a low free ion content, unique wire design and semi-circular boundary for sealing.
Screw Top 4ml Vials with Wide cap 13-425 offers a large target area, PTFE/silicone, flexible seal, very durable, a wide selection, optional tick marks and ceramic writing labels, assembled caps and accessories for direct use, ensuring that the bottle bottom and intubation match, the sample bottle is packaged in a clean environment, and the packaging is specifically designed to reduce contamination.
Screw Top 4ml Vials for HPLC are usually grouped according to the diameter of the sample bottle, the height of the sample bottle and the surface of the wire. Clear glass and amber glass are very inert. Amber glass protects sensitive samples by avoiding exposure to UV rays.
When conducts daily chromatographic experiments with Screw Top 4ml Vials in the lab, it is the perfect choice for high quality, stable results and low cost. One must be for your research.

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